Young Entrepreneur Life (.com) is in development; aren’t we always? In the meantime, drop a comment on the Disqus to let us know what business you are in, and what you would like to see on this site.

I’m Roger Garcia. I’ve been trading stocks since I was 15, I traded in New York City when I was 19, joined a Private Equity firm at 20, toured Europe for 6 months at 21, and now I’m getting ready to launch my business hedging Commodity Risks.

…and something like this:

I’d personally like to see groups of Young Entrepreneurs collaborate on this site to work on big projects. Whether a musician wants to work with a videographer, businessman, and lyricist, or an entrepreneur at heart stuck at a dead-end job who wants to build something great. There’s no limit in a Young Entrepreneur’s Life.

I’ll be developing this site slowly, but surely. Probably sooner than later adding an Inspiration page with conversations from Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Simon Sinek, etc.. In the meanwhile, stay Clutch!